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Learn Group Moves

Learn Group Moves is for people who want to get to know more about diabolo and learn the beauty of group moves. A nice diabolo act is not only on the complex tricks also on the pictures you create throughout the entire performance. With dynamic pose changing and diabolo passing, it separates diabolo from other performing sports.     














This course will be covering  ( 4 main group moves 18 different variations ) I'll show you how to do these tricks and you can add some to enrich your performance or your group! Sign up here!


If you are having a difficult time understanding something during the class, feel free to contact me anytime! 

What people say about this course: 

Her videos are full of inspiring ideas if you teach and share Diabolo with children or friends (many great and very original ideas in the "long string"and "group moves" courses !) or even if you are a performer. Don't hesitate to support her.



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