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 Britney's Diabolo Full Course 

    Britney's Full Course is suited for everyone from beginners picking up their first diabolo to coaches and instructors who want to learn a systematic way to teach their students. Unlike youtube videos, you have too many videos to choose from and often times don't know which one is good for your current level.














    This course will be covering 100 tricks ( include 30+ 1D tricks, 2D shuffle, 2D tricks, Vertex shuffle, Vertex tricks, some duo tricks ) how to break down tricks into smaller steps to improve your efficiency during practice and even start your own diabolo group!


    If you are having a difficult time understanding something during the class, feel free to contact me anytime! Sign up here.

What people say about this course: 

"A big "thank you" to Britney for giving us a look on the Taiwanese way of practicing Diabolo ! Very clear and smiling "step by step" way of breaking tricks for all levels. I play Diabolo since more of 20 years and really enjoy to learn and understand new tricks with Britney. Her videos are full of inspiring ideas if you teach and share Diabolo with children or friends or even if you are a performer. Don't hesitate to support her "Diabolo for all" project by subscribing on the videos, Britney deserve it !"



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